Webhooks can be configured to trigger user-defined HTTP/HTTPS callbacks during specific events while performing a Cloud Assembly recovery.

For Example, if the user needs to run a specific compliance test after the recovery in the recovered instances. The compliance test can be scripted and put in say, Azure Functions. Now the script can be called using an HTTP/HTTPS call to the Azure Functions during the recovery operation.

To configure a webhook after creating an Azure Cloud Assembly,

  • Select the “ACTIONS” in the upper right corner and choose “CONFIGURATION”.

  • There are four types of webhooks supported by Appranix, “Pre-recovery”, “Post-recovery”, “Pre-reset” and “Post-reset”. Provide the Webhook URL and choose if it should “Fail on error” or not for “Pre-recovery” and “Pre-reset”.

  • Save the Webhooks configuration for the script to run during the recovery.

The Webhook execution logs can be noticed along with the recovery logs.