Appranix now allows users to download the auto-generated Infrastructure as Code. When the cloud application environment is recovered using Appranix, all of the cloud infrastructures are automatically coded by Appranix and it generates 1000s of lines of IaC in less than a minute and recreates the Application environment from the generated IaC. 

Appranix reverse-engineers the complete cloud application environment during each protection timeline to generate an Application environment time machine, and during the recovery, all the metadata captured are put together to generate Cloud Formation if it is AWS, Google deployment manager scripts if it is Google Cloud Platform, Azure Resource Manager Template if it is Azure and Terraform if it is Vmware Engine.

The downloaded IaC can be used for so many different use cases including documenting the DR excersie, having the generated IaC as the initial commit in the git to maintain consistency between the IaC and the real-time infrastructure, implementing gitops as a DevOps practice in the organization.

The below is a simple application environment that has generated around 1000 lines of Azure Resource Manager Template code during the recovery of a point in time snapshot of the Application environment.