Tag based resource selection during recovery

Tag based resource selection during recovery

During recovery in AWS, Appranix provides three options to choose the resources that have to be recovered.

  1. Entire Assembly - Recover all the resources in the assembly 

  2. Specific Resources - Recover selected resources in the assembly. Select the required resources to be recovered from the new window from the list of available resources.

  3. Select Using Tags - In AWS, resources to be recovered can be selected using the tags. If a resource has an associated tag, you can search by those tags. All the tags associated with the resources will be listed. 

The tags can be filtered by matching at least one tag or by matching all the tags. Matching at least one tag will give the resources if at least one tag is associated with it. Matching all the tags results in a list of resources that has all the given tags. The total resources selected can be verified by choosing "VIEW RESOURCES".


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