Steps to enable Multi-Factor Authentication in Appranix

Steps to enable Multi-Factor Authentication in Appranix

Appranix provides additional security by allowing users to enable Multi-factor authentication to log in. Below are the steps that allow users to enable Multi-factor authentication in Appranix

1) Once logged into Appranix, select the My Profile 

2) Check the status on "MFA Status" on the My Profile page. It can be either ‘Not Configured’ or ‘Enabled’

3) Go to "Settings" and enable MFA by selecting the "ENABLE MFA" option, if the MFA status is ‘Not Configured’

4) Creation of Multi-Factor Authentication can be achieved by following these steps

5) Virtual MFA Applications

From the PlayStore or App Store search for any Multi-factor Authentication application

and install the App on mobile. List of applications for different smartphone types 

Android AuthyDuo MobileLastPass AuthenticatorMicrosoft AuthenticatorGoogle Authenticator

iPhone  AuthyDuo MobileLastPass AuthenticatorMicrosoft AuthenticatorGoogle Authenticator

6) Scan the QR code from the mobile device using the Google Authenticator and type the 6-digit number into the "Verification Code" and assign the MFA

7) Login into Appranix with the MFA Code received in the mobile authenticator application

8) Select the “SETTINGS“ and select the option “MANAGE MFA” to Manage Multi-Factor Authentication

9) Remove or Reset the Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Once the Remove option is selected, the user is no longer required to provide MFA credentials while logging into Appranix

  • If the Reset is selected, the existing MFA secret-key removed and the user will be redirected to “Create Multi-Factor Authentication”, by which a new MFA can be set

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