Resilience Insights

Resilience Insights

Appranix’s “Resilience Insights” provides a comprehensive daily report of all the protection and recovery activities.

By default, the previous day’s report is displayed, but the date can be chosen to show the report for any particular day.

Overall Report

Cloud Connections

Provides the total number of cloud connections in the organisation along with the cloud specific counts, and deleted cloud counts. All the active cloud connections for that particular date are listed with the cloud connection’s name, cloud type, and the total number of associated cloud assemblies. Also, the protection details like the total number of resources with protected and unprotected resources count are provided.

Cloud Assemblies

The total number of cloud assemblies count along with the disabled and deleted counts are displayed. Information about each cloud assemblies is listed with details about total and protected resources count, cloud connection name, and primary region. Policy details provide a list of all the policies applied to that cloud assembly. The policy name, frequency type,retention count, total protections count with success, and failure counts are also displayed here.


All the protection timelines that have run for the selected day are listed under this section. The total protection counts, the total number of success, failure, partial success, failed, skipped, and deleted counts are displayed. The skipped count is the number of protections skipped under two scenarios: 

  1. If the user deletes the Instance selected for protection from the cloud console, the protection timeline is marked as skipped

      2. If the associated Cloud assembly is disabled, then the protection timelines are marked as skipped.

All the timelines are listed with essential details like “Timeline protection name”, “Protection policy name”, “Cloud assembly name”, “Protection duration”, and “Status”.


Recovery details have the total number of recoveries and the success, failure, active recoveries, and deleted counts. “Name”, “Recovery region”, “Assembly name”, “Timeline name”, “Recovered by”, “Recovery duration” and “Status” details are also shown. 

Protection Report

The protection daily report view provides more detailed information about the protections. Total protection counts, the total number of success, failure, partial success, failed, skipped, and deleted counts are displayed under the protection report.

“Timeline protection name”, “Policy name”, “Assembly name”, and “Duration Status” are listed for all the timelines. When expanded, each timeline displays more data regarding the timeline, such as the cloud connection and statuses of the “Protect Boot Disk Only” and “Storage Encryption” options. The expanded view also displays all the resources of the primary and the recovery regions and their counts.

Recovery Report

The recovery report has the total number of recoveries that happened during the given period. Details about the recovery like success, failure, active recoveries, and deleted counts are displayed. “Name”, “Recovery region”, “Assembly name”, “Timeline name”, “Recovered by”, “Recovery duration” and “Status” details are also shown. The statuses can be either of recovery or reset status based on the current actions like, “Deleted”, “Reset Completed”, etc.,

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