New Cloud Assembly Wizard

New Cloud Assembly Wizard

Appranix provides an option to choose only the boot disk for protection and ignore the data disk to avoid the cost incurred due to data disk protection.

In the legacy Cloud Assembly creation design, you can enable "choose the protection options" while creating an assembly. Earlier, "Protection Options" was available in the third step of the Cloud Assembly creation process, under Resource. 

This is modified in the new Cloud Assembly creation wizard by configuring the protection options after creating an assembly. Once a Cloud Assembly is created, you can navigate to the ACTION in the top right corner to select the CONFIGURATION. Click on Protection Options and enable the "Protect boot disk only" to protect only the boot disk and avoid the data disk.

Please note that if you choose to trigger the policy immediately after the Cloud Assembly creation, then the first triggered timeline will perform the protection, including the both the boot and data disks. You can start the policy "As scheduled in the policy" to configure the protection options to avoid the first protection to exclude the data disk.

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