GCP Environment Onboarding

GCP Environment Onboarding

Subscribe from GCP market place

  • Search for "Appranix" in GCP Marketplace.

  • Subscribe to the "Appranix Cloud Application Resilience".

  • Register an account with Appranix using the registration form.

  • Activate your account through the verification email sent to you.


For onboarding the GCP project in Appranix, a service account with few roles and permissions in GCP should be enabled.

Permission Required

  • Project IAM Admin
  • Service Usage Admin

Inputs Required

  • Project ID

Connect to GCP

Appranix requires a way to be authenticated and authorized to connect to the customer AWS account to provide resilience for their cloud application environment.
To enable access, proceed with the following steps,

  • After getting signed into your Appranix account, navigate to cloud connection and click on "Add cloud connection".

  • Fill in the Name & the Description for the connection, choosing GCP as the cloud provider

  • Provide the GCP “Project ID” for Authentication. Then enable a cross-region recovery if required.

If cross region recovery is disabled, only source region protection and recovery is allowed.


  • Submit to connect to the cloud and copy the commands to grant permission.

Execute the IAM permissions in the GCP cloud console.

  • After running the commands, confirm and click “OK” and wait for the cloud connection discovery sync to complete to see the discovered resources.

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