Details of the Cloud Assembly Summary

Details of the Cloud Assembly Summary

Cloud Assembly Summary

The Cloud Assembly page provides an overview of the assembly and summarizes the details ranging from the details of the protected resources, the cost involved for protecting based on the policy chosen, and average recovery time, etc.,

Cloud Connection Details

Cloud connection details show information about

  1. Cloud connection name - User-defined name for the cloud connection

  2. Cloud provider - Name of the cloud provider associated with the cloud connection.

  3. Discovery status - Status about the discovery, it could be either SUCCESS/FAILURE

  4. Last sync - The latest discovery date, hovering-over would provide the exact time of the previous sync.

Resources Details

Resource details provide the data of 

  1. Total resources protected - Number of resources protected during protection

  2. Total resource types available - Number of resources types available in the cloud assembly

  3. Total storage protected - Overall full disk space that is protected.

  4. Total estimated cloud cost/ Month - Cloud cost estimation of the size of the snapshots of the protected resources per month. The cost estimation is configured by providing the details of incremental data change per day. 

Primary Region

The resources of this region are assembled to be protected by this Cloud Assembly.

Recovery Regions

The list of all possible recovery regions configured as part of the cloud connection. The cloud assembly protected can be recovered to any of the specified recovery regions.

Actively Monitored SLOs
  1. Protection time (RPO) - Based on the policy chosen for protecting the cloud assembly. For example, if an hourly policy is applied to the cloud assembly, the RPO for that cloud assembly would be an hour.

  2. Average recovery time - This is calculated based on the historical information of the recovery time gathered during each of the completed recoveries of this cloud assembly. 

Policy Details

  1. Total policies - Total number of protection policies applied to the cloud assembly.

  2. Active - Number of active protection policies applied to the cloud assembly.

  3. Paused - Number of paused protection policies applied to the cloud assembly.

Protection Options


  1. Protect boot disk only - Appranix provides an option to protect only the boot disk on a compute instance. Additional storage volumes attached to the compute instance will not be protected. It helps in cost reduction.

  2. AMI visibility - Status of Amazon Machine Image(AMI) visibility for the AWS cloud connections. Creates an AMI automatically during protection for easy recovery on the AWS console.

Recovery Options

      "Create Recovery Simulation policy" and "Recover Now" are available in the Cloud Assembly summary page.

Follow the below link to “Create recovery simulation policy”

Follow the below link to “Recover Now”