Custom Virtual Network Recovery Option in Azure

Custom Virtual Network Recovery Option in Azure

Custom virtual network recovery

Custom network recovery allows you to recover resources in the specified network.

For using this option we need to create a custom virtual network with the subnets and other configurations as same as the source network.

To enable custom virtual network recovery, 
1. Choose a timeline to recover
2. In the Recovery page, enter the name of the recovery, choose the region option and the resources to be recovered
3. Click to expand on the Advanced options 
4. Toggle on the Enable custom virtual network recovery
5. Enter the recovery regions virtual network id in the below format,

You can get the virtual network id from the azure portal
Go to the respective virtual network -> properties -> Resource ID
Ex: /subscriptions/<subscription-id>/resourceGroups/<resourcegroup>/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/<virtual-Network-name>

NOTE: To create subnet for the recovered resource without an IP conflict, it is important to create the custom virtual network with subnets of the same name and IP range as the source virtual network.

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