Create a Recovery Simulation Policy

Create a Recovery Simulation Policy

Recovery Simulation policy helps in creating a schedule at which you can plan for testing your application in the recovery region and ensure that the protection policy you have configured works well for your real recovery scenario.

To Create a Recovery Simulation Policy follow the below steps.

1) Select the Cloud Assemblies and choose the Policies page. Click on the CREATE RECOVERY SIMULATION POLICY button on the Recovery Simulation Tab.

2. Enter the details for the Simulation policy and to perform the Reset via a schedule.

3.List of Recovery Simulation Policies with the next scheduled run will be displayed as below.                                                                                                                                                                       

4.Edit the Recovery Simulation Policy to perform the Reset via a schedule. 

5. Action to Edit, Enable/Disable the Recovery Simulation Policy.

6.Delete the Recovery Simulation Policy.

7. Alternate flow to Create recovery simulation.

Select the Cloud Assemblies and Click on CREATE RECOVERY SIMULATION POLICY button on the Summary Page for creating the simulation policy for that cloud assembly and follow the above steps 2 to 4.

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