Cloud Assembly Timeline Filters

Cloud Assembly Timeline Filters

Now Appranix allows viewing the timelines using different types of filters. The filter option includes “Event type”, “Date”, and “Policy name”. 

Selecting a particular timeline item gives an overview of the timeline with essential details like policy name, frequency type, primary region, status, etc. Users can find more information about the timeline (timeline logs and resource details) by clicking the “VIEW MORE DETAILS”. Recovery of the selected timeline can be triggered by choosing “RECOVER”.

Event Type

Event type can be selected to filter timelines based on the activity. The event type filters are “Protection”, “Recovery”, and “Recovery reset”.


Users can filter the timelines by date based on the predefined periods of “Today”, “Last 7 days”, and “Last 30 days”. There is also an option for choosing a custom interval between a defined period.

Policy Name

The filter can be applied by selecting from the list of policy names, so the timelines specific to the policy can be viewed when multiple policies are defined for the cloud assembly.

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