AWS Recovery Best Practices and Strategies

AWS Recovery Best Practices and Strategies

Before initiating a complete infrastructure Disaster Recovery (DR) process with Appranix, consider the following best practice guidelines:

Method of Protection

  1. For small-sized AWS infrastructures, consider protecting them under a single Appranix Cloud Assembly for easy and simplified recovery.
  1. For large infrastructures with multiple applications, consider splitting substantial resources into smaller assemblies. This will reduce assembly backup replication time, which enhances the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of the application. Furthermore, segregating resources into multiple assemblies based on applications enhances application-level recovery capabilities.

Structured Cloud Assembly Creation
  1. Organize your cloud resources based on applications when creating a cloud assembly under Appranix. ( For example, categorize them as Domain Servers and Active Directory, Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers, or based on your services.)
Note: Utilize application tags to facilitate easy grouping when creating a cloud assembly.

Recovery Process
  1. During recovery, start by recovering the High critical resource and Domain servers.
  1. After recovering the domain server and other high-critical applications, proceed with the recovery of all the other application resources one by one.
  1. After recovering all the critical instances and load balancers, proceed with recovering all the rest of the application resources.
Note: All your Route 53 private records will be recovered during their associated resource recovery. Your public records can be recovered using custom webhook scripts integrated with any assembly.

Reset Process

  1. After successful recovery and testing, initiate the reset process. Start resetting the application in reverse order, beginning with the last recovered assembly and concluding with the domain servers.
  1. All the Hosted and DNS records created during the recovery process will be rolled back once the reset is complete.

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