AWS Environment Onboarding

AWS Environment Onboarding

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AWS Onboarding Prerequisites

For onboarding the AWS account in Appranix, a few roles and permissions in AWS should be enabled through an AWS stack.

Permissions Required

We need any one of the following permissions in AWS to create a Role Stack for Appranix.

  • AWSCloudFormationFullAccess

  • IAMFullAccess

Connect to AWS

Appranix requires a way to be authenticated and authorized to connect to the customer AWS account to provide resilience for their cloud application environment.
To enable access, proceed with the following steps.

  • After getting signed into your Appranix account, navigate to cloud connection and click on "Add cloud connection".

  • Fill in the Name & the Description for the connection, choosing AWS as the cloud provider. 

  • Proceed with the “NEXT“ button after choosing the required primary and recovery regions from the provided list.


  • You will be redirected to your AWS console "create stack page" with a pre-configured stack. Create the stack by clicking next.

  • Once the stack creation is complete, click on stack details and from the outputs tab, copy the role ARN and paste it into the Appranix console.

  •  Select “CONNECT CLOUD” and wait for the cloud connection discovery sync to complete to see the discovered resources.

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