AWS Cloud Connections FAQ

AWS Cloud Connections FAQ

  1. When we add an AWS account to Appranix does it take into account the default resources of the AWS account as well?
    - No, only the dependent resources of the selected resource(EC2, RDS Instance)

  2. While discovering assemblies, Appranix does show the VPC and its associated EC2(Compute resources) only?
    - In the resource selection, it only provides the option to select EC2 and RDS instances

      While discovering a Cloud Connection, it discovers all supported resources
      When protecting an assembly, it discovers the dependency and protects them too,
      Eg: EC2/RDS will also cover, security group, subnet, VPC, Load Balancers
      But you can only choose EC2 or RDS instances the rest will be covered automatically
  3. When we create an assembly, the retention policy(count) shows global& region copies, I was able to see snapshot copies in both regions, where do the global copies reside?
     - The recovery region copies are mentioned here as global copies, this requires a text change in the user interface for better understanding

  4. When we do recovery, Does appranix recover all the default Resources to the recovery region?
     - Referring to question 1 and its answer, the dependent resources of the selected resources are recovered

       They do not default resources, because it may be user-created resources too
  5. If I already have a VPC set up in 2 Availability zones in one region, How does the recovery model works here?
     - The recovery region will support only 2 Availability zones maximum, if the primary has 3 or more zones, the recovery will only use 2

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