AWS Inline IAM policy to a Managed IAM policy Migration

AWS Inline IAM policy to a Managed IAM policy Migration

To support our enterprise customers with large number of accounts, as an enhancement feature, we migrated from an AWS inline IAM policy to a managed IAM policy.

There was a character limitation in the AWS inline policy which did not allow more that 2048 characters per user entity in the IAM.
Due to which there was a limitation in creating more than 20 Cloud Connections per account.

To overcome that, we have migrated from AWS Inline policy to Managed IAM policy.
The managed policy will allow up to 6,144 characters, and we can also attach a maximum of 10 policies to the user. As a result, each user can have up to 1000 role ARNs.
This allows customers to add up to 200  AWS cloud connections per Appranix account.

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