Appranix Route 53 Recovery Guide for AWS Shared VPC Environments

Appranix Route 53 Recovery Guide for AWS Shared VPC Environments

Appranix has expanded its support for Route 53 recovery in AWS-shared VPC environments. This document provides valuable insights into the various types of shared VPC setups that Appranix can recover. Explore the configuration details and step-by-step recovery procedures to recover your Route 53 into a shared VPC setup efficiently.

Same VPC Recovery:

  • Recovery to Same Shared VPC (Same Account)

  • Recovery to Same Shared VPC (Cross Account)

DR VPC Recovery:

  • Recovery to Shared DR VPC (Same Account)

  • Recovery to Shared DR VPC (Cross Account)

Cloud Assembly Configuration for Shared VPC Recovery:

  • As a prerequisite, users are required to create a Cloud Connection pointing to the source AWS account from which the VPC is being shared.

  • After successfully creating the Cloud connection, open the Cloud Assembly in which you plan to perform the shared VPC recovery.

  • Select the "Edit Assembly" option in the top right corner and navigate to the "Protection Strategy" tab.

  • Click on "Edit," enable Hosted Zone protection, and add the source AWS account Cloud Connection. Once completed, save the configuration.

After finishing the Cloud Assembly configuration, Follow the below steps for doing a shared VPC recovery.

  • Open the Cloud Assembly and choose the timeline page. Select the latest protected timeline and click the Recover button in the top right corner.

  • Fill in the recovery name and description

  • Select the recovery type,

  • Same region for recovering back to your source VPC or to some other shared VPC in the same source region

  • Cross Region for recovering into DR-shared VPC in the DR region 

  • Cross-account for recovering into the cross-account DR shared VPC

  • Select the VPC type,

  - Use the “Same VPC” option for recovering back to the same source VPC (Or)

  - Use the “Existing VPC” option, and choose the DR-shared VPC

At last, enable the update DNS record option under the Advanced menu and initiate the recovery.

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