AWS Granular Level Permission

AWS Granular Level Permission

Appranix requires certain permissions in the customers cloud environment to provide application resiliency.

During the Cloud Connection creation, permissions that are necessary for discovery, protection, recovery and reset has to be provided. Listed below are the specific permissions required by Appranix for doing the above operations.
For the detailed list of permissions, click here.

Appranix granular level permission

Using this capability, you can limit the cloud permission you are providing to Appranix.

AWS IAM Permission management

 During Cloud Connection creation, in the second page, select the IAM permission type based on the requirement,
                                                * Discovery
                                                * Discovery, Protection and Recovery  

Updating permissions in an existing Cloud Assembly

            * Click on an existing Cloud Assembly and choose EDIT under ACTIONS button 
            * Choose the Operational regions tab and select EDIT option
            * Pick the set of permissions that are required based on the level of operations that has to be performed 
            * Update the CloudFormation stack
            * Click Save and finish

Note: If a certain permission is revoked, the set of operations associated with that role will fail.

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