Application Resilience - DIY vs using Appranix

Application Resilience - DIY vs using Appranix

In Appranix, we speak and educate our prospective customers about achieving Application Resilience by a cloud-native approach. One common question that few of our customers ask us is,"We have our infrastructure maintained with Terraform or any other IaC and we will be able to spin up the environment quickly and bring the data or Application back using the latest snapshot, Whyshould we use Appranix?"

Below is the set of questions that we ask our customers to make them understand the complexity that Appranix solves for our customers with a click of a button.

  1. Have you run any Failover or DR testing with Terraform in another region?

  2. When did you do it last and what was the result?

  3. How long did it take for you to bring back the Application in running state after verifying all the services are up and running end to end?

  4. How did you bring back the right version of application DATA from the databases or file systems?

  5. Did the failed-over distribute network-connected applications actually run?

  6. How did you bring back the load balancers, gateways, DHCP options, ACLs, security groups, and other hosts of higher-level configurations to match production infrastructure in another region?

  7. Can you bring back the same IPs for the instances with CIDR configurations so the applications are guaranteed to inter-connect and run?

  8. How did you account for unavailable Ec2/other instances type in the Failover region?

  9. How did you map Failover region zones to be compatible with production zoning configurations? For example, AWS east has 6 regions and other regions typically have 2 or three zones. So, if they distributed load balancers to run instances across many different zones, are they confident to redistribute those workloads to fewer and availability zones in other regions?

  10. When did you last upgrade the Terraform server to be compatible with the latest AWS/GCP/Azure infrastructure?

  11. As your application environment grows in the coming years, are you confident to run 100's, and 1000's lines of cloud-tested IaC code to make sure your applications are resilient?

  12. With all these, are you confident that you have enough application resilience?

What we all know from the responses our customers are, most of these organizations may have been planning for all of these but typically they don't test. They simply assume that they do have the capabilities but that's just a dangerous assumption because given the recent history of increased Ransomware attacks, they are not sure that they can even get to Terraform servers/backup servers and failover their applications confidently? 

Whereas, Appranix runs the service as SaaS Offering and has a history of bringing down a 48 Hour long RTO for DR Testing down to less than one hour.

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